Springing Forward!!!

Taters in the ground!!

Spring is always a busy time on the farm but this year it’s even more exciting. We are getting lots of plants started in the greenhouse and the big work of this week is getting potatoes in the ground. It has been soooooo wet that we haven’t been able to get in the field but now we can and there’s no time to lose. Also this spring new for us and new for you, our Macon County neighbors, we are providing fresh baked goods on a weekly basis by home and business delivery from Groundwell Farm Baked!!!

As of last week we began “no contact delivery” for anyone who requests it. It’s simple to arrange with us, just let us know where your payment will be and which bin or box on your porch to place your baked goods in! You can even paypal us your payment at

We will continue to offer our full line of baked goods at our normal prices. You can see a good sampling of what we offer on our about page. Of course, as always, there is no menu to stick to! Contact us to discuss any specialty items you might want!

In addition to our line of baked goods we have quite a few herbal remedies available for sale. Look below for the “It’ll Cure What Ails Ya!” blog post for a full listing! Consider especially the Honeysuckle Leaf Syrup which is a strong antiviral and the Mullein/Plantain Tincture which eases the respiratory tract!

Our greatest wish is that all of us come out of this challenging time happy and healthy! Stay safe everybody!