Groundwell Farm is a small family farm located in Macon County, Tennessee. We are focused on sustainability and local food security. We grow as much of our own food as possible and recently, we have opened up a small home bakery.

Non GMO flours and sugars!

At Groundwell Farm Baked we strive to create the highest quality baked goods we can, using all non-gmo flours and sugars and we use no trans-fats. As often as possible, we include products grown (chemical free!) on our farm, for example: the Roasted Potato Sourdough Bread and our new Roasted Butternut Squash pie!

We currently provide baked goods to our customers through home and business delivery! Customers contact us by Wednesday evening each week for delivery on Friday morning (special delivery times can be arranged if necessary.) Below is a good representation of what is regularly available for deliveries, but don’t feel limited by what’s there! If you want something ask!

Groundwel Farm Baked
❏ Honey Whole Wheat – $5
❏ Sourdough White – $5
❏ Sourdough Roasted Potato – $5
❏ Challah – $5
❏ Challah – $3
❏ Cheddar Cheese Bread – $3
❏ Cheddar Jalapeno Bread – $3
Dinner Rolls – ½ Dozen $2.50
❏ Honey Whole Wheat
❏ Sourdough White
❏ Challah
Pastry – $2 each
❏ Cinnamon Rolls
❏ Chocolate Rolls
❏ Fruit Pinwheels _____________
Pies (9”)
❏ Apple – $9
❏ Pumpkin – $9
❏ Chess – $9
❏ Lemon Tart – $9
❏ Pecan – $18
❏ Bittersweet Chocolate Tart – $18
Cakes (9”) (Specify frosting flavor)
❏ Chocolate – $9 ____________
❏ Coconut – $9 _____________
❏ Lemon – $9 ______________
❏ Banana Bread – $9 __________
❏ Pumpkin Bread – $9 _________
❏ German Chocolate Cake – $12
Bread Pudding – 9”
❏ Classic Cinnamon Raisin – $5.50
❏ White Chocolate – $9
❏ Oatmeal Raisin – $8/lb.
❏ Chocolate Chip – $8/lb.
❏ Glop (male or female) – $1 each
❏ Aspen Oat Bars – $10/lb
❏ Other

To contact Groundwell Farm Baked with questions or special orders call or text 615-670-8510. You can also email us at groundwellfarm@gmail.com or message us on our facebook page (Groundwell Farm Baked) but for the last two expect delayed responses as we no longer have internet at home.  We took the internet off the farm as part of our effort to use minimal electricity and promote sustainability.

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  1. I live very far away from your home of Tennessee, but allow me to tell you what a wonderful project you are doing. It is people like yourself and others who are working to save the planet who really do make an enormous difference. I wish you the best of luck with Groundwell Farm and I hope you can reach many more people.


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