New Direction!

At the end of January we will be closing our storefront location at 200 Church Street in Lafayette, TN. It was a short lived adventure that brought us many good things like local exposure, of course, but also new friends and a better picture of what our local community wants in the way of baked goods.

We are already moving strongly in a new direction with our little bakery! We have several folks signed up for our home and business delivery service and we will be vendors at the 3rd Annual Handmade Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on February 1st!

Here are both the sign up form for home and business delivery, and a sample menu. Keep in mind that this service is designed to better serve your needs for baked goods, so if you have any special considerations (food allergies or sensitivities) please let us know so we can work with you! Contact us at 615-670-8510 if you’d like to join in, or print and fill out your form and drop it by 200 Church Street before January 25!

Feeling Ornamental

This week I experimented for the first time with salt dough. Some of you may remember this interesting artistic medium from grade school (either your own or your children’s). Salt dough consists only of flour, salt and water and with it you can produce quite remarkable things. Baskets, wreaths, dolls, picture frames and so much more! With this being my first time I kept it pretty simple and seasonal, borrowing some from techniques I’ve used in the past (and hope to use in the near future) decorating cakes with fondant and marzipan!

These are available for sale here at Groundwell Farm Baked at 200 Church street! I’ll be working with salt dough some more and also moving into Pate Morte (similar to salt dough but made with sugar and a tiny bit of yeast) as time goes on!

Cozy on a Rainy Winters Day

Here I sit in my cozy little storefront in Lafayette, TN. waiting for someone to play backgammon with.

It’s cool out but not too cold and we’ve been so busy this morning that my husband has gone home to roll out more pastries so we don’t run out before the end of the day!

There’s a light misty drizzle falling outside and I can’t help but feel a little bit snackish! Perhaps after a bit I’ll make myself a sandwich on some Cheddar Cheese Sourdough!

To distract myself perhaps I’ll learn some new Christmas carols on my trusty ukulele.

In the past week we’ve done quite a bit of work to find ways of better serving our customers. For example we have started a Baker’s Dozen Club

We also printed up Holiday ordering menus

And worked up a plan to offer Home and Business Delivery to our customers who may not have the time in their increasingly busy lives to stop in at the store!

So stop on in at 200 Church Street (Between the Square and Key Park) and see what’s happening! Maybe even play a game of backgammon with me!