It’ll Cure What Ails Ya!

Herbal remedies available now from Groundwell Farm!

Most of these herbs have more uses than what I have listed here, I have only listed them as what I have used them for over the past thirty years. Call or text us at 615-670-8510 to order!

Elderflower Syrup – Induces sweating to help reduce fever – great for colds, flus, and fevers – $10 per half pint

Plantain Tincture – Expectorant – Helps clear the lungs – $10 per 1/2oz. dropper bottle

Echinacea Passionflower Tincture – Echinacea boosts the immune system while Passionflower calms and aids with sleep. Great for colds and flus – $10 per 1/2oz. Dropper bottle

Passionflower Tincture and Mimosa Tincture – Both of these are good for calming anxiety and relieving insomnia – I offer them singly and in a 50/50 blend (my favorite) – $10 per 1/2oz dropper bottle

Slippery Elm/Honeysuckle/Chamomile Syrup – Great for colds and viruses – Slippery Elm soothes the throat, Honeysuckle is a powerful antiviral, and Chamomile is calming and mildly diuretic – $15 per half pint – $25 per pint

Yarrow Syrup – Tastes like medicine!! Relieves chest congestion and head/body aches and brings on sweats to help reduce fevers – Research shows 12 anti-inflammatory compounds! – $15 per half pint – Limited supply

Hooflands All-Around Tonic- Contains: Elder, Honeysuckle and Yarrow Infusions combined with Echinacea, Passionflower, and Plantain Tinctures and flavored with Mint Infusion made into a syrup with Non-GMO pure cane sugar – Combines most of my remedies in one! – $15 per half-pint

Honeysuckle Leaf Syrup – Not as tasty as Honeysuckle flower syrup but just as useful against virus and there are no flowers yet! Honeysuckle leaves, flowers, and root all contain multiple antiviral compounds. – $10 per half-pint

Mullein/Plantain tincture – very powerful against respiratory issues! $10 per 1/2 ounce dropper bottle

Mullein Leaf – Smoked in small quantities or made into a tea (strained through tightly woven cotton cloth to remove leaf hairs) is a very effective expectorant – $2 per gram

This is what I have here in the beginning of January, keep your eyes open for updates!