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On Fire!

I feel better already! Since I made the decision yesterday to leave Facebook next week, space has already opened up in my brain! I’m making more plans and accomplishing more. I can think clearly enough to actually write a little something!

So here’s a little helpful hint for anyone who has the occasional back spasm. Make Sriracha!

Sriracha beginnings

I had about three pounds of good, fresh, hot chilis so I peeled six heads of garlic and started chopping. Let me tell you, chopping sriracha is quite the task and, unless you are really into wearing rubber gloves, your hands will be liberally coated with hot pepper and garlic slime that will have your hands feeling nice and warm (and will possibly help you with your arthritis) for at least a few days!

In about an hour, when I was almost done chopping, I felt the beginnings of a spasm rising up in my back. Woah Nellie!! Better do something about that! So my sweet husband did a little quick work on the sore spot which allowed me to finish the job. I scooped the last of the fiery slurry into the jar in which it will ferment (with 6T of non-iodized salt) for several days, and headed to the sink to wash my hands.

Then it hit me! If it’s good for arthritis, how does it do for muscle spasms? So I reached inside the back of my shirt and slimed my chili coated hand all over the sore area on my back!

The good stuff

Wowza!!! What a difference! Sitting on the sofa later I felt like I was sitting against a heating pad turned on high! I slept very well all night and woke in the morning feeling fine! Who knew that sriracha could possibly have such wonderful benefits! So here is my sriracha recipe, but know that almost any recipe can be wildly altered to suit your own desires and needs!

Basic Sriracha

1lb Red Hot Chili Peppers

2 Heads Garlic

2T Salt

2c Vinegar

3T Honey or Brown Sugar

Method 1 (non fermented): Cook together, blend till it has the consistency you are looking for, pour into sterilized jars and can.

Method 2 (fermented): Coarsely chop first 3 ingredients together and ferment in a covered jar for several days, mashing the ingredients daily with a wooden spoon or pestle. When the mixture is good and bubbly and you feel it has fermented adequately, heat the vinegar and sugar, pour it into the ferment, mix well, blend if you want a smoother sauce, and jar it up. No canning is required for the fermented style.

Don’t forget to rub it on to any sore spots! You won’t regret it!

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