Home Delivery FAQ

How do I place an order for home delivery with Groundwell Farm Baked?

The most effective way to order is by calling or texting us at 615-670-8510. If you are ordering early in the week you can use e-mail (groundwellfarm@gmail.com) or facebook messages, but you can text us all the way up to wednesday evening (we bake on thursdays) If you set up a standing order, you only need to notify us of special additions, changes or holds on your order.

Do I need to order every week to be a delivery customer?

No! Standing orders can be set up on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly basis. But if you don’t want or need a standing order, keep our number (615-670-8510) on hand for birthday parties, holiday dinners, or other special events!

Is there a minimum order to qualify for a standing order?

No! One customer receives just one pound of Danish Butter Sandwiches per month, another, 3 Danish per week, yet another 1 loaf of Sourdough White per week. If you live outside our range you may meed to become a delivery spot/coordinater by finding others in your area to join in your order to make the drive to your area affordable for us.

Is there a benefit for me in becoming a Delivery Hot Spot/Coordinator?

Yes! If you increase our customer base enough for us to drive out of range you will receive a portion of your order free!

Am I restricted to the weekly menu for my orders?

No! The earlier in the week you order the better, but up until Wednesday evening you can order just about anything we would typically bake. If you order early folks will be notified that that item is available for them to order as well. In this way our customers ultimately create much of our menu!

Outside of receiving excellent, fresh baked goods at my door, what advantages are there to becoming a GFB delivery customer?

  1. Occasional free samples of new products
  2. Compliance with dietary restrictions you may have
  3. Organically grown garden plants and vegetables in season
  4. Farm fresh eggs (when our chickens start laying)
  5. A detailed list of the herbal remedies we have to offer
  6. Greater variety, freshness, and wholesomeness than any other bakery in town!